Friday, April 28, 2017


Community Service Hours:
April Sci High: 4
Total Semester 16 Hours

This will be my final blog post as the program has ended today.
Overall I am extremely happy with the Masters of Pharmacology program, it was an excellent experience. It allowed me to learn more about the complicated subject of pharmacology and to prove to medical schools that I am up to the academic challenges of medical training.
This summer I will be moving back to Texas to start my training at the University of Texas Rio Grand Valley School of Medicine. I am excited to start learning more and be able to hit the ground running with my background in pharmacology. It should be an exciting few years. 
Some final thoughts about SciHigh, I have heard through the grapevine that next year the tutoring program at SciHigh will become a little more structured and formalized. This seems like an excellent idea to me. It took several months of volunteering there to really get into the swing of both scheduling with the teacher and the procedures of things. Having a little more guidance and structure will only help next years class get into the swing of things that much quicker.

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