Friday, September 30, 2016


Another month of the program down and a successfully completed neoplasia/heme block. Now we are moving into the autonomic nervous system and cardiovascular block and I have begun volunteering as a tutor at New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School, or SciHigh. At SciHigh, I am volunteering as a tutor for a Algebra II/III class. One of the main ways I feel as though I can help at SciHigh is with answering questions the students may have. With myself and the teacher, we are able to answer twice as many questions as when the teacher is by himself, and therefore work to keep more students engaged with the material. I also try to share my love of math with the students. Math has always been one of my favorite subjects and I hope that my enthusiasm for it can encourage any student who is struggling to understand the material.
    I am looking forward to the next few blocks because they will be some complicated and interesting material. The content is challenging, but interesting because it is integrating material from the first blocks. It also covers material that I have not yet had the opportunity to study in my college career.
I am very much looking forward to learning new material in the master’s program and hopefully help some high school students learn more about mathematics in the following month.

-SciHigh: 3.5 hours

-Total Fall Semester Hours: 3.5 hours

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